How to change themes (user interface)?

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Re: How to change themes (user interface)?

Post by gloccusv » September 28th, 2018, 3:08 am

Here is a screenshot:
It shows the combat odds in the sidebars for each available weapon, when you select one of your units and then hover over a potential target. It's a lot quicker than clicking on the target to open the attack dialogue and then selecting each weapon in turn and checking the combat odds.
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Re: How to change themes (user interface)?

Post by josteph » January 6th, 2019, 9:24 pm

First of all, thanks a lot for writing this. I use a modified version of this and it's absolutely fantastic.

If you use planning mode (whiteboard) you may have noticed that the "Planning mode activated" message doesn't show centered with this theme. I just pushed a change to master and 1.14 that fixes that and centers the message in the mainmap viewport: 3376e140ca2d9414ddbf7e3e0f001cf41db43ea3 It should be in 1.14.6.

I also have a PR open (#3731) that, among other things, adds a selected_time_of_day report, so you will be able to show the time of day of both the attacker and the defender, in case they're different because of units or terrains that illuminate.
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