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Android App Store

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Hi, I was just wondering if you were aware that there are multiple version of your game on the App store, a free trial, and a few ones for $. To my understanding the one that costs close to $5 is stolen and being sold, and another version is being sold for $2. Oddly enough the one for $5 is horrible and does not work very well on many phones and has not been updated in 2 years. I really do love the game and have been playing it for many years and a version on my phone would make me rather happy, but I want it to be a true official game that helps fund it's development and plays properly, I don't want to pay a pirate.

-Sorry if this is the wrong place to put the topic, but I think it is important enough for my adhd addled brain to take the time to type.
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Re: Android App Store

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Hi, yes, we are aware of those ports and I can assure you that both of them a perfectly legal. IIRC our legal counterpart gets a share from Androthsoft's sales, not sure about the other one.
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