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Looking for judges

Post by Velensk »

So as the submission period for the 2vs2 contest is coming to a close I have still not found anyone interested in evaluating the submissions so I decided I'd put up a second call for it.

Basically the role you'd fill would be to be availalbe to meet up and play games on the 2vs2 map submissions over the course of a month (August was the period I gave for judging) and then to evaluate the map. Unless we get flooded by last minute submissions, which seems unlikely, it's looking like about half a dozen maps are being submitted and taken seriously by those who sent them. Ideally I'd like to play at least two games on each map.

Maps will be evaluated on balance (current and potential), diversity (how different from the mainline tournament 2vs2 maps the map is), asthetics (how pleasing the map is to the eye and imagination), and the ever abstract fun. Fun and balance being first priority but the other things valued as well.

As for qualifications:
-You should be skilled at multiplayer. I'm not going to provide specifics on that one but if you do not feel you'll be able to aquit yourself honorably then it'd probably be better to let someone else sign up assuming people are signing up.
-Ideally you should have at least dabbled in multiplayer map-making. This isn't essential, especially if you are very skilled at multiplayer but it should help play in a mindset to evaluate the map while you play.
-You should be availalbe: A dozen-ish 2vs2s is a substancial time commitment. I'm not sure that I'll be able to play that many but the more time you have free the better it is as the easier it is to co-ordinate schedules.
-You should not be the designer of one of the maps. I have a feeling that this will drain most of the potential pool away but as an objectivity/propriety thing it's best if the maps aren't yours. If nobody signs up and August starts wearing away I may relax this out of lack of alternatives but I'd really rather not.

The goal of this contest is to add more tournament viable 2vs2 maps to the map pool. If you are interested in making that happen please help us out.
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Re: Looking for judges

Post by goblinThing »

I'd be happy to help, but can't make a huge time commitment. If someone can't make a session, or perhaps if no-one else signs up to be a judge, I'd be happy to help. I can be contacted through a PM. Because I can't make a huge time commitment, I expect to be on the bottom of the candidate list. ;)

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