Steam Greenlight #2

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Re: Steam Greenlight #2

Post by The_Afterman »

Wesnoth on Steam would be awesome.
And players who don't want Steam & Wesnoth mixed can simply keep downloading from the site instead.
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Re: Steam Greenlight #2

Post by Lobezno »

Actually some guy named DeKay post The Battle for Wesnoth in Steam Greenlight: ... =348337676

I think this is wrong, do something.
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Re: Steam Greenlight #2

Post by monochromatic »

I'm calling upon the vast powers of thread necromancy now..

Are there any updates regarding this? Is this still in consideration by the developers? I looked through most of the mailing list and the chatter regarding Steam Integration seems to have ceased entirely..

EDIT: Well noticing the lack of replies, I believe the answer should be self-explanatory.
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Re: Steam Greenlight #2

Post by Flourhead »

Is this topic still up to date?
I read the 2 pages about that and i love this whole discussion :D

But how can we reach our goal to get wesnoth to steam?
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Re: Steam Greenlight #2

Post by --cy »

By the vast powers of necromancy and blah... I think it's continued here
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