Coolest Faction (keep it nerdy)

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Re: Coolest Faction (keep it nerdy)

Post by Rbuck »

For me, the coolest faction (I don't have much experience with non-mainline, btw) would be Rebels.
Principally because of the Ranger and, somewhat lesser, the Wose. When I studied all the great military minds of the ancient world, I noticed that so many tactics of theirs relied on camouflage, fakery, ambush, and a half dozen related techniques.
The Ranger and the Wose are two of the few mainline units that can actually conceal themselves and spring out behind the enemy, or slip through a small forest arm and assassinate the enemy leader and seize villages, or lend unexpected weight to the battle line. The Ranger is multipurpose, being adept at both sword and bow, and the Wose is a damage sponge/shock trooper. Both, if they are hard pressed, can hide in forests and wait for the enemy to leave the area.

But maybe this isn't the place to go into the Top Two Units. ;)
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Re: Coolest Faction (keep it nerdy)

Post by Ravana »

EoMa - Destroyers. Just area attack is special enough for that, it was difficult choice between Tharis, Kharos and this. All are great factions.

About default I dont really know, i never play that.
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Re: Coolest Faction (keep it nerdy)

Post by Sapient »

As far as visual style and "cool" factor, my favorite would be Chaos faction.

For mainline, I'd pick Northerners... I like orcs in general because characters with excessive hubris tend to amuse me greatly. "Looks like your skills saved us again. Uh, well at least, they saved Soarin's apple pie."
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