"I survived zerker"

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Re: "I survived zerker"

Post by Tondo »

Yeah, because of the binomial coeficient I figured I would have to calculate individual probabilities for 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7 and 8 hits (a 33 hp DA could survive 8) out of 120 and add them up, which I didn't feel like doing. Couldn't find a way to fit this into one neat calculation :(

The universe is just so young when you get down to serious combinatorics :lol2:
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Re: "I survived zerker"

Post by Drakefriend »

Hmmm, with my super calculator, I just needed to write the formula and let it do the calculation.
Although thinking about it, it even has a special function to calculate cumulative probabilities from the values you give, in which case I would not have fallen into the trap of forgetting the binomial coefficient.
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