Ford of Abez

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Ford of Abez

Post by The Elvish Champion »

For some reason I find The Ford of Abez really hard.

Does someone have some suggestions for this level?

P.S. I've already tried the Heir To the Throne Walkthrough, but it doesn't work for me... :x
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Post by Fortify »

I don't know if this is much help but I checked the walkthrough just now and it is what worked for me when I did it.

Recruit 1 castle only of mostly mermen and I think I recalled a griffin and an Elvish Shyde then rush. Don't stop for anything until you are in the fight with the orcs.

Don't allow yourself to get caught in any fights with the loyalists anywhere.

You many need 1 or 2 mermen to slow the sea monsters but everyone else should be used to push the orcs back from the shore so you can get Konrad up onto land.

Between Konrad, Delfador, Kalenz and some mermen a few orcs and wolf riders should be fairly easy.

The rest should be easy if you already have the skill to get this far(eg. leadership, ranged attacks, healing etc....)

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Assumings the Ford of Abez hasn't changed

Post by Shade »

Assumings the Ford of Abez hasn't changed radically what I did was recruit/recall a (single) keep of Mermen and ran like heck. Grabbing the trident and giving it to a Merman you want to keep alive is always a good idea. The best bet is to treat the merfolk as expendable and use them to screen your heroes as they cross the river... And keep running... But it's been a while since I played that level.
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