How did you find out about Wesnoth?

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How did you find out about Wesnoth?

Through a friend
Debian APT or Gentoo Portage
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Linux Game Tome (
SDL home page (
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Other web site (please specify below)
Through a LUG
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Other (please specify below)
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Post by betbest1 »

Other: SourceForge
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Post by nukchebi0 »

Found out about it through a Slax Linux module. 1.1.6, I think.
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Post by invalid »

There was a vote for the best GNU game of the year at and wesnoth was on the list. I googled, went to the site, downloaded it and have been addicted ever since... sad to say i wasn't a wesnoth player at that point and didn't get a chance to vote for it...
hugh nicks
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my dad's computer

Post by hugh nicks »

My Dad has been buggering around with Windows machines for as long as I can remember, and I've always been fixing them up/patching something every time I came over to visit. I've recently moved in with him and his sister, to help him take care of her as she's getting on in years, and decided that enough was enough. I installed Ubuntu on his desktop (which I use), and his notebook (that he uses). Over the last month, I've been learning more and more about Ubuntu, and try to teach my dad things in the process. While scrolling through the packages I could add, I came across BfW.

I decided to install it, and I have to say I haven't looked back since. What a fun game. I am really impressed with it, and have been playing for hours. The fact that it's free is amazing. I would love to lend my talents with anything should the opportunity come up, as I feel strongly about giving back to those who give so generously.

Kudos to the whole team!

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Post by Tyltyl »

Hello, I just joined the forums but I'm addicted since may.
I read about it on happy penguin and was curious since I loved Advance Wars, Vandal Hearts 1/2, Legend of Kartia and so on...
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Post by sigurd »

brazilian download site
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Post by Shiver »

I've seen Wesnoth get casual mentions on a couple of the sites I visit, but a guy on Something Awful's forum made a post somewhere that raised my curiousity enough to try it.
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Post by sykora »

I heard about wesnoth on a comment thread in lifehacker, where one user mentioned that it (wesnoth) should have made it to the lifehacker top 10 linux software. I went hunting for it, and struck gold.
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Post by kcits »

I found it through Wikipedia when i searched Google for turned based computer game... I actually was into Wrhammer and Mage Knight, and wanted to find a computer version of these games.... BfW was just what I was looking for. I wish I would have found it years ago though, I would have saved a crap load of money... anyone want to by some MageKnight figures or Warhammer armies? :?
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Post by Anul »

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Post by anupamsr »

I don't remember the site... I was searching for good RPG games for linux and found some site with atleast 1 screenshot beside the name.
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Post by g »

Found it on the list of wikipedia's open source games.
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Post by DigitalRain »

I was looking for open source games, found Tremulous, and someone recommended Wesnoth. Then I realised I had seen this game about a year earlier but didn't try it right away, and lost the bookmark when I reformatted. :(
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Post by Kai »

I found out through the underdogs website, something like or .info, they keep having to change it because of web hosting, crackers(criminal hackers), et cetera.
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Post by Rrbhaunoch »

I found out about Wesnoth from the messages boards for a MUD I play called WoTMUD. It works out well, I needed a break from that game, and this is serving me well.
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