AI in Multiplayer

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AI in Multiplayer

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I've got a question. Today I was fighting with AI on multiplayer. I saved game, because I needed to go out. When I clicked on my saved game, I noticed information about difficulty, just like with campaign save. Is there any way to change AI difficulty?
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Re: AI in Multiplayer

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Nope. Difficulty has no effect on AI anyway. Difficulty usually affects the gold of enemy sides in single player (but can affect almost anything the campaign's creator wanted, even different scenarios; but only things the creator of the campaign chose). I think that the line difficulty="NORMAL" in multiplayer saves are just to fill a necessary value in the save file's header. In multiplayer, you usually adjust the difficulty by giving a certain amount of gold to the enemy sides.
There are ways for scenario-makers to implement some kind of difficulty systems into multiplayer, but that cannot be done with the standard difficulty settings.
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