DFoolWide (based on the theme DFool)

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DFoolWide (based on the theme DFool)

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I like the theme DFool (a related thread), also because it shows unit's flag in the right-side-panel. (sometimes colors are not well distinguished in fog and/or in bad vision conditions and then the flag helps).
But I don't like DFool's right-side-panel is too narrow: terrains and other texts are shortened.

So I adapted it and created DFoolWide.
The main changes are:
  • the right-side panel is wider by 60 pixels
  • some items were removed from the context menu (those items that are usually invoked by a keyboard: undo (u), redo (r). speak (m), cycle units (n), end turn (ctrl-spacebar))
(You can adjust the theme so that it suits your needs, I added hints to the file)

In order to use this theme you need to put the attached file in WesnothGameDataDirectory\themes\
Where is my game data directory?
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