I need help with making a scenario

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I need help with making a scenario

Post by Glen »

Is there anyone out there who has the time to help me make 8 worlds i already have the maps constructed I just need someone to tell me the coding neccesary for teleportation runes and a simple shop or (since i am new i dont really get WML) could you actually revise i yourself with what i tell you to add thx

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Re: I need help with making a scenario

Post by Crushmaster »


It's not quite that simple. First, you need to post things like this in Scenario & Campaign Development if you have a name for your idea, and such, or, for specific problems, the WML Workshop. People on here will help you, they've helped me, they've helped others, but you need to work on learning the language yourself, too. It's really not terribly difficult (I know, because I made a campaign with it :P), but it will require a bit of work. Look into the code of ready-made RPGs, campaigns, etc., see how they do things. And, if you encounter bumps on the way (and you will), stop in the WML Workshop, and the community will lend you a hand. :)

Hope I explained that well enough. I see you just joined - welcome to the forums! :D
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