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Re: Wesnoth screenshots!

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Re: Wesnoth screenshots!

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HomerJ wrote:
khelben1979 wrote: I was hoping for a positive reaction in the sense that it's possible to discuss the statistics and some of the strategy of the game.
Ah ok, I get it now... It's just not possible to talk about something like strategy on the basis of two screenshots per scenario. Also, the victory screen only makes a statement about gold, but not about units.
That's what the replays are for. Feel free to post replays of campaign scenarios or multiplayer games and we can discuss them here.
It's actually an interesting thought for an insanely in depth gameplay analysis. Unlike with replays, with screen shots you could caption each image an action by action basis, rather than turn by turn with emphasis on particularly noteworthy choices. Granted it's rather infeasible considering the fact that you'd have to bother taking like, 1,000+ screen shots just to cover a single M.P. scenario but it'd be fascinating to see how much consideration can be put into the unit micromanagement tactics without the practical time restraints of normal play. Just think of the underlooked strategies that could be realized when put under this level of consideration... :geek:
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Re: Wesnoth screenshots!

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Tonepoet wrote:Unlike with replays, with screen shots you could caption each image an action by action basis
Yes, this would be a very detailed but very unweildy gameplay learning strategy. You can do the same thing with replays if you want (pause after each action and contemplated the move). Screenshots are mostly useful just for kicks.
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