Marechal Range Ban

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Marechal Range Ban

Post by Jim_Raynor »

Hi all
I have been playing wesnoth for quite a while, but suddenly, i got banned! I wasnt a jerk to anyone, and I havent done anything diffrent from what I used to do in the past 2 years I play wesnoth

All it says is "You are banned. Reason: Marechal range ban"
What does it mean!?
I have already re-installed wesnoth, but the problem continues..
Please help! I want to play wesnoth again, I love this game ='(
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Re: Marechal Range Ban

Post by Gambit »

Thread instantly locked because you have not read the Posting Guidelines. Specifically you should check out 4b.

The thing is, we here don't know what happened, why you were banned, and even if we knew all that; we couldn't do anything about it anyways. Try private messaging the Multiplayer Moderators (the link is in that thread) to appeal your ban.