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Re: Septere of Fire

Post by Asian_Invasion3000 »

Ahh but of course. I will marvel at the improved campaigns and the possible new ones. :)

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Re: Septere of Fire

Post by Anonymissimus »

elvish_sovereign wrote:Though keep in mind that your saves with 1.3 will not be compatibile with 1.8. So you'll have to restart the campaign.
Not neccessarily. Since 1.3.12 is with the new terrain system I'm guessing it would even work. Perhaps with opening and saving in versions inbetween first.

The commands posted by me above only work in 1.8 however.
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Re: Septere of Fire

Post by zookeeper »

Uh, no, there's no point in trying to use saves from 1.3.x on 1.8. You're welcome to try, but most likely no one wants to hear as much as a word about the problems you might have.

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Re: Septere of Fire

Post by Asian_Invasion3000 »

Wow...I'm missing out on the 1.8, aren't I? haha I have been playing 1.3.12 for a while...I didn't realize that there was new ones coming out. :lol2:

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Re: Septere of Fire

Post by Captain_Wrathbow »

1.3.12? :shock: :augh:

Then again, it might be kind of fun to make such a huge jump between versions: you get to see so much improvement all at once, instead of over the course of a couple years. :D

Have fun with 1.8! :)

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Re: Septere of Fire

Post by Hulavuta »

Well, there's also been WML changes, and the renaming of the Drake units. So, I highly doubt it. Also coupled with the fact that I tried putting 1.4 add-ons into 1.7 and it didn't work.

Also, I second what Captain_Wrathbow says! My last version before trying 1.7 was 1.4, with 1.4 linking to 1.3 and 1.7 linking to 1.8. I was really surprised, new drake sprites, new campaigns, the background is brighter, a LOT A LOT A LOT of new portraits, (good ones) etc.

(In honesty, the only reason I didn't upgrade after 1.4 was because I was hoping CampGen for 1.4 would be made soon. Looks like it hasn't happened yet. XD)

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Re: Septere of Fire

Post by joshudson »

Last I checked, wmllint could upgrade campaign saves just fine unless the next scenario was renamed.
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