Note regarding statistics feedback

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Note regarding statistics feedback

Post by JMC »

Alright listen up. I didn't think this board was whiny enough to lock a legitimate feedback thread in the feedback thread forum, but since you did, I'm happy enough to open a new one.

So I, as a player, have a complaint. It's not up to me to statistically prove that the math in this game is [censored]. I don't have to care that much. But THE DEVELOPERS have to care since they presumably want people to play this game. The very fact that time and time again people complain about the stats is telling, isn't it? Maybe you should... oh... I don't know... address the concerns of people who play the game.

And for crissakes, I KNOW that terrain modifies the to hit percentage. Jesus. It says so in bright colours. My point is that the battle stats often seem to reflect an unknown percentage, especially at higher difficulty levels. And I'm fully aware of the laws of gambling, that even a 70% to hit ratio isn't a guarantee that every 10 times you attack you'll hit. I'm saying that the odds seem FAR out of whack with what in general should be happening.

So no. I'm not going to post any replays, I'm not going to make any statistical summaries. This is a game I'm playing. All I want to do is play it, and then maybe if someone oh... ASKS FOR MY FEEDBACK, I can give it, and see the game made better. If you don't want feedback, DON'T ASK FOR IT.

Maybe if the developers wanted to include a battle statistic summary page, showing all the random rolls made, showing all the battle turnouts, showing definitively each and every conflict that happened, then maybe people like me might magically go away. Eh? Maybe that seems more sensible than just calling me a dick and locking the thread.


Christ. What a marvellously unfriendly feedback forum this is.
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Re: Note regarding statistics feedback

Post by Ken_Oh »

Hi. Do something like this and tell us if it turns out any differently: ... 75#p387275
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Re: Note regarding statistics feedback

Post by thespaceinvader »

I think that covers it. If you think the RNG is biased, PROVE IT. You have the capability - you have the game, and presumably some form of spreadsheet program. That is all you need. If you test it, and you can reliably prove situations where there is an actual, statistically significant bias, we will consider fixing it.

You haven't done so. You've said 'sometimes there are streaks of hits which appear unfair'. This is true, it is part of how randomness works. The fact that you notice them is part of how the human mind works, as is the fact that you don't notice or recall the far more frequent occurrences where things work out about right, or entirely in your favour.

If you have a serious idea for the game, post it in the ideas section, without any associated complaining. It will then be considered on its merits.

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