Leveling up

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Leveling up

Post by geekyz »

After a few defeats on the second scenario of the an orcish incursion campaign i realized i need to level up my recruits. the thing is i dont know how to replay a scenario with the exact same units as last time. how do i go about doing that
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Re: Leveling up

Post by Zerovirus »

I don't think I understand your question. If you want to recall units, you can right click, select recall, and pick our your units from the previous scenario. If you mean something else (and with the grammar you used, somewhat probable) then maybe you could explain a bit more.
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Re: Leveling up

Post by usr-sbin »

I think I know what he means - he wants to know how to replay the scenario without having to start again and thus losing all of his units.

What you need to do is go into the load screen and look for a save that looks like this <levelname>replay.gz this will start you off at the beginning of the scenario without you having to start all over again.
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