old trees package

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mystic x the unknown
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old trees package

Post by mystic x the unknown »

Replaces all tree tiles with the old pine+mixed tiles made by freim. There are only little changes from the original old trees. I'm not trying to defy the new tree graphics, I think most of it looks nice.

NOTE: works fine on version 1.12

To try it just extract the attached file into wesnoth's main directory (not the user's folder but where the 'sounds','images','icons' etc. folders are located).


current 1...replaced 1
current 2...replaced 2
the old trees package: for stable wesnoth v1.8
(1.25 MiB) Downloaded 154 times
the old trees package: for dev wesnoth v1.9
(992 KiB) Downloaded 149 times
the old trees package --FOR THE OLD wesnoth v1.6
(1.32 MiB) Downloaded 144 times
old pine+old mixed replaces :.. summer and fall versions of both deciduous and mixed
old pine replaces:.. winter-deciduous, winter-mixed
old pine&snow replaces:.. winter-snow-deciduous, winter-snow-mixed

if you like this you might be interested in the old mountains & hills package as well

putting the mainline graphics back:
--replace the modified terrain folder with it's unmodified copy.
--download following package that overwrites only the modified and added files. ......If you want it perfectly identical, also delete the added files: deciduous-fall-4.png, deciduous-winter-3.png, mixed-fall-3.png, mixed-fall-4.png, mixed-summer-3.png, mixed-summer-4.png, mixed-winter-3.png.
UNINSTALL package (reverts to varied tree types) for wesnoth v1.8
(1.5 MiB) Downloaded 168 times
UNINSTALL package (reverts to varied tree types) for dev wesnoth v1.9
(1.29 MiB) Downloaded 163 times
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Re: old trees package

Post by DEATH_is_undead »

Finally, someone does this. I hate the new graphics...

(No offense to whomever made them)
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