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Multi monitor support

Post by Kamamura »

I recently started using two 17'' LCD's in Xinerama mode under Fedora. I wonder if multimonitor support is planned for wesnoth - though I can stretch the game n both, all the dialog boxes fall onto the division line between the two displays which is not so pretty. Two discrete views would be nice, or one view with the other monitor constantly displaying info page about the currently selected unit.

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Rex Umbrarum
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Re: Multi monitor support

Post by Rex Umbrarum »

I don't think enough people use multiple monitors to make this a priority. It seems more like something that's "It would be cool if someone did this, but no one is specifically going to work on it."

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Re: Multi monitor support

Post by Zachron »

Also, seeing that the way most multiple monitor support works is by keying one mouse and keyboard set to one monitor on desktop A, and keying a second mouse and keyboard set to the second monitor on desktop B, the feature is already indirectly supported, seeing as the separate desktops could be used to activate separate applications of Wesnoth.
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