Trouble with Vista

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Trouble with Vista

Post by natpas08 »

I just recently got a new laptop with windows vista and now when I go into the notepad to work on a campaign it won't let me save the file. I am new to campaigns so all I have been doing is changing some aspects of already made campaigns. (ex.- starting money or units to recruit) Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Trouble with Vista

Post by Lizard »

Under Vista you can't change the Mainlinecampaign when you installed to "c:programs/wesnoth 3.7". You either have to install it under "c:imperator/wesnoth 3.7"* or download a UMC campaign and change this in "C:\Users\natpas08\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\Wesnoth\userdata\data\campaigns"

*call the folder what you want. imperator is just what a friend of mine use. You should use the second option, because this is just like disabling the UAC.

Or try Linux, haven't tested that for myself.
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Re: Trouble with Vista

Post by vicza »

Lizard wrote:You should use the second option, because this is just like disabling the UAC.
It's not like disabling the UAC. UAC protects system files, and BfW is just a game, it does not need such protection. I always prefer to have separate folder "Games", often even in a separate partition, and install games there.

Though, there is yet another possibility: change security permissions of Wesnoth folder.

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