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How old are you?

Total votes: 728

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Post by lisar »

uhhh actually his birthday isn't until August. Guess again :p
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Post by miyo »

I was born in era of fire, the age dragons. Born after the little-one.

- Miyo
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Post by Circon »

Well, I had to vote 12-15, since I'm 15... feel like I belong in the next category though.

Post by Rarlgland »

I had to vote 12-15, since I'm twelve. And yes, I'm the one with the COPPA act. BTW Dave, It's twelve and under that have to sign the COPPA act, not under twelve.

Post by brakett »

What is the COPPA act?
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Post by erl »

brakett wrote:What is the COPPA act?
Children's Online Privacy Protection Act
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Post by Roel »

I'm going to be 21 next month so I'm a pretty average-aged wesnoth player
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Post by Elvish_Pillager »

quartex wrote:
lisar wrote:I know someone that is going to be 24 in just a month!

I'm not mentioning any names though...
I know someone who's going to turn 23. I'm amazed that I might be the same age as Dave, he seems so mature and organized and .... Reading his posts I thought he would have many more years of experience beneath his belt.
I rarely connect age with experience or experience with maturity. I rarely tell people on the internet my age either.

P.S.: I'd be interested to know how old you think I am.
It's all fun and games until someone loses a lawsuit. Oh, and by the way, sending me private messages won't work. :/ If you must contact me, there's an e-mail address listed on the website in my profile.
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Post by telex4 »

21, and glad so see I'm in the biggest bracket so far :)
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Post by Star Gazer »

Is anyone going to do a bell curve to see what the true mean is...?

...maybe not!

Anyway, just to shift the results along a bit...I'm 57... :shock: ...I know that's almost like most of you put together...but, I lurve RPGs.

I read Gulliver's Travels when I was 7 and was hooked on fantasy from then on.

I guess in my head I'm still about 17. Shame about the rest... :(
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Post by Dave »

Elvish Pillager wrote: P.S.: I'd be interested to know how old you think I am.
I'd have said 15-16, maybe younger.
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Post by mlangsdorf »

I'm distressed to discover that at 29 I'm one of the older semi-regular posters. It's a complete reversal from my day job where I'm usually the youngest person in the room.
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Post by SteelP »

That's surprising Turin!

I thought you were "twentyaged" :lol:

But that must be the reason for your quite bitter answers... These teenagers ... :lol:

I also thought Dave was older, but less than 30.
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Post by Darth Fool »

I'm old enough that my first memory of a movie seen in the movie theater is the very first starwars (seen the day it came out, no less).
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Post by wobbegong »

I'm almost 35, (Thanks Stargazer for making me feel slightly less of an old fogey!). Been roleplaying (white book D&D...) since I was 8 (well, the summer I turned 9...). Still play (but as we get older it's now 1 session a month as we all have diaries and work and that kind of thing...).

Play a lot of boardgames (mainly european, was married to a german speaker for some years, so got Settlers Of Catan before it even had an english publisher (before it won any awards even). Used to play kingmaker, and tabletop wargames a fair amount. Not so much now, but I still dust off some things from time to time. I've won wargames competitions (including a UK national - which I only entered to make up the numbers, and nothing could make me defend the title [too many players were so serious about everything!]), but really prefer to have fun.

Like Darth Fool I remember Star Wars (Episode IV) opening down the road in Leeds - went to a lot of cinemas that year on birthdays from memory...

These days I tend to play strategy games mainly on computers (it's nice not to worry about knocking things over or the cats running off with the dice...). Like most of the SSI 'General' games. Would like some more TBS stuff, which is how I found wesnoth... (I think I googled for 'turn based strategy freeware' on google and up it came... well, a link on some discussion list somewhere anyway...).

BTW - there are 2 of us in York (actually both at the University - I work there, the Jeremy is in the middle of exams...Good Luck!) , and Sithrandel in Sheffield, anyone else in this area, as I'm thinking of trying to arrange a get together sometime in a month or so? (Or anyone else who goes to UK SF conventions? I'm around every Easter and some other cons...)
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