taking a wesbreak

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taking a wesbreak

Post by Sapient »

Hi, it occurred to me today that I've been spending a weeeee bit too much time on Wesnoth lately. And I've been avoiding some really important things I need to do, mainly spiritually. So As a result, I might have taken some things too seriously lately, and I apologize to that! Especially if I offended Eleazar, I'd like to apologize. I still consider you a friend even though I disagree with you 85% of the time. ;)

So until further notice, I'll be phasing myself out, and you'll be seeing less of me. Cya later, and have fun! 8)
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Post by turin »

Good luck. Hope you'll be back eventually.
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Post by Doc Paterson »

Farewell, noble friend.

Get that spirit of yours pumped up.

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Post by elricz »

Good luck whatever your search is

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Post by Drake Blademaster »

:cry: We shall miss you. :(

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Post by Freighter »

He'll be Back :twisted:

Until then C YA :cry:
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Post by wsultzbach »

Freighter wrote:He'll be Back :twisted:
All people who leave will.

(except for DC and HG. :wink: )
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Post by bert1 »

Farewell Sapient! But will he return as a Mage of Light or a Dark Adept?

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Post by Mythological »

Damn you Sapient !
Why do all the good ones have to leave ?
Anyway, I wish that you both find what you are searching for and accomplish the things you want to accomplish in your life with ease
And be back after you do that :)

Best regards
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Re: taking a wesbreak

Post by Temuchin Khan »

Sapient wrote:And I've been avoiding some really important things I need to do, mainly spiritually.
I'm sure everyone expects me to quote the Bible. Nope:

"To each is a goal to which Allah turns him, so strive together towards all that is good. Wheresoever ye are, Allah will bring you together, for Allah hath power over all things."

The Qur'an, Surah 2:148

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Post by Ken_Oh »

See you weslater.

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Post by Baufo »

Farewell! May the force of the n3t clan be with you! Good luck!
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Post by Darn Penguin »

You've been nothing but kind and patient with me, and I just wanted to say... PLEASE DON'T LEAVE ME WITH TURIN! ANYTHING BUT THAT!!!

(Just kidding, Turin. You're cool, too!)
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Post by Shade »

Freighter wrote:He'll be Back :twisted:

Until then C YA :cry:
Ahh, it's the interweb. Nobody ever really goes away. :)
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Post by Alink »

Taking a game too seriously is probably a signal that you need a little break. But when it's done, don't forget to come back, I will be happy to see a new fresh Sapient. The current one is already good, but if you want some amla, I will wait.