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troodon wrote:Camels are WAY cooler than horses.
:idea: Giraffes are way cooler than camels. And they can look over the dunes. :lol:

HttT has a satirical version, why couldn't UtBS have one...?
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HttT has a satirical version?
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Hare to the throne. :P
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Back to the camels. I found another thread in factions development : something about an Arabian faction It has camels, too. People like that idea.
Azhur wrote:There hasn't really been any use of the sand tile in Wesnoth, so I think that some sort of Arabian faction would fill that gap. Having read some tales of Arabia's 1001 nights was the last straw.

Some examples:


Prince -> Sheik -> Sultan (Agile warrior and and an average caster)


Prophet -> Seer -> Oracle (Strong caster)

Efreet -> Genie -> Djinn (Great resistances, fast, wields dual Scimitars)

Cameleer -> Camel Warrior (Quite agile, survives well in hills and mountains unlike other cavarly units)

Slave -> Eunuch -> Royal Servant (Healer & Poisoner)

Outcast -> Tresspasser -> Marauder (Warrior with a magical ability to grow arms upon himself: lvl 1 = two hands, lvl 2 = four hands lvl 3 = six hands)

Guardian -> Warder (Great defence against normal weapon types)

Arabian units are naturally all good on sandy grounds. What do you think? :roll:
Attila wrote:This idea has been suggested numerous times, and, even though it's never been implemented, I love the idea. Especially the camel rider. Wesnoth had a distinct lack of variety when it comes to mounted unit. So far it is only horses, wolves, gryphons, or dead birds. I think camel riders would be amazing.
and in page 2 of that,...
DarthRevan00m9 wrote:If u r going to make mounted units stick with the camels. We need some cavalry unit diversity. All there really r is horses, dead horses, and wolves.
it was a good idea. People just don't read my thread anymore...:( [sigh]
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i like the arabian faction idea. is it out yet? i think that there should be a faction of the ancients, with the living version of the undead chocobones.
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Tomsik wrote:Hare to the throne. :P
Air being thrown.
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