You've been playing Wesnoth too long when...

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Re: You've been playing Wesnoth too long when...

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1131: You actually bother to read ALL of the posts in this thread.
Guess what I've been doing for the past hour...
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Re: You've been playing Wesnoth too long when...

Post by EvilEarl »

1132:You actually care about the ambush glitch caused by ai units.
1133:You feel murderous every time someone leaves a match because they are losing.
1134:You think the stories about suicides are fake because dealing damage to yourself is impossible.
1135:You think China kidnapped all of the existing dragons and hid them away from the rest of the world so we would stop thinking that they exist.
1136:You get into an argument with someone about magical theory in Wesnoth.
1137:You win the argument.
1138:You can't figure out how animals keep appearing because they would need a leader to recruit.
1139:You keep trying to melee birds but keep failing despite the fact that perpetually flying units like gryphons and bats can be hit by melee.
1140:You aren't afraid of muggers because you believe you have first strike with your dragonstick.
1141:You debate with your friends which female unit is hotter instead of which celebrity.
1142:You debate with strangers which female unit is hotter.
1143:You see a short woman and later try to get prescription drugs for treating hallucinations because you know that female dwarves don't exist.
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