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Where To Go Next?

Post by madhatter »

I've been playing BFW fervently for the past month or so. I've been really enjoying it. I've completed HttT, Trow and Eastern Invasion all on medium difficulty. So, the question is... which is the next campaign I should play next? I'm not big on multi-player, so would only like to consider the single-player campaigns.

Lugo Moll
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Post by Lugo Moll »

Under the burning suns is nice. It's got a really good storylineand a somewhat unconventional gameplay.
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Post by zookeeper »

First of all, get Wesnoth 1.1.11 unless that's what you already have (since you didn't specify).

Some people like UtBS which Lugo Moll mentioned, but some don't. If you're for better-than-usual storyline and such, go ahead, but personally I find the gameplay of the campaign to be mostly annoying most of the time (lots of traps which can make you lose the scenario if you don't avoid them by knowing what hex you're not supposed to step on, and stuff like that).

Then of course there's the add-on server to get stuff from. However, it doesn't have many campaigns that aren't (just IMHO) rather poor (however, my view might be just because I don't like the storylines/settings, poor dialogue etc in those campaigns - the actual gameplay might be fine, I don't really know). I guess Sceptre of Fire is pretty good (or at least working and not too odd), and my campaign (Return of the Legions) should be ok too (even if there's only one "chapter" completed so far, with about five scenarios). Other than those, I either haven't played a campaign or I dislike it enough not to recommend it. :P

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Post by turin »

I haven't played Liberty for quite a while, but IIRC it's fairly good; and it works for 1.0.2, if you're for some reason still using that.

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if you want to play with completely different units than the normal elves/medieval humans/orcs, you can check out Fall of Silvium. You play a Lavinian (think Roman) Tribune, and you fight against Marauders (think pre-medieval Germanic tribes) and Sidhe Elves. To play it, though, you would have to download the Imperial Era first. (There are a few other campaigns written for the Imperial Era, but IMHO FoS is the best one.)
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Post by JW »

turin wrote:{end self-promotion}
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Post by Oreb »

JW wrote:
turin wrote:{end self-promotion}
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Seriously I recommend any user campaign, some may take your fancy while some may not.

My add-ons would have to be:

Invasion of Arendia
Fall of Sivilum
Saving Elensfar
The Sceptre of Fire
Return of the Legions
Son of the Black Eye
Northern Rebirth

The rest to me are alright but not that great.
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Post by Flametrooper »

More are in progress! The Keltoi may eventually get a campaign. It will amaze you beyond your wildest dreams. Stay tuned...and don't forget to clicky the signature. Go to the last few pages.

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Post by Xeron_ »

I myself like son of the black eye very much. - it's one of the few northerner campagnes, there are a couple of interresting levels and dialogues are, well not to be called of great spirit, but at least considerably fun.

Northern rebirth got good creds, but well .... the first level has just been too annoying for me to keep playing it :oops:

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Post by Gus »

actually, the first level is playable... at first i couldn't see how to do, but with some planning, it's not so hard. I played in "medium" btw.

I'd like to know where to find campaigns for specific factions or sub-factions (such as Drakes, Undead, or Thugs). I read here and there mentions to some campaigns, but they're not uploaded on the campaign server, and the URL i've seen mentioned doesn't work ( http://wolff.to/campaigns/list.html )

EDIT: of course, i've just tried it, and after a couple of weeks of NEVER working, it worked a charm =)
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