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Post by Taurus »

See ya scott. Thanks for all the help you have given me over these past couple of years. I hope you can pop in from time to time - after all, I primaraly use dial up myself...
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Post by appleide »

Goodbye Scott, take care. Good luck. :wink: (Yes!! One more person I outlasted!! :twisted: )
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Post by commander keen »

Poor Scott... He was Like a Turin who was Optimistic instead of Pessimistic. I have dial-up too, its soo annoying when others want to use the phone...

So many posts! and last time I visited this Forum this thread didn't even exist! I think it's a record!

Goodbye scott... You put the Apostrophe back in "it's"
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Post by troodon »

I don't even know if Scott will read these posts, but anyways...
Thank you for helping me with my WML illiteracy. Good luck.
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Post by zaimoni »

May your new job work out well.
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Post by toms »

Goodbye scott :cry: , I hope you will still be around from time to time.
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Post by Cuyo Quiz »

It's looking like there's going to be a fight over his will.
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Post by santi »

Many thanks for everything Scott. Goodbye and good luck
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