What's your favourite campaign?

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Post by unsung »

Fall of silivium is my favorite. I manage to get plenty of levelled units, I understand how to play the legion, the lack of magic in most of levels makes me happy, and turin made it so I know the maps aren't going to suck, and it's just fun.
I could go on about why I chose it, but I won't. play it and find out, weakling! :P

UTBS is a good campaign, but I can't stand playing as elves long enough to finish it. :roll:
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Post by santi »

My favorite is Delfador's memoirs(a bit too short), but I am planning to add a few scenaria, plus it is not ported to 1.1.17 and even in 1.02 it has some bugs. TROW is a great campaign, a must, HttT and EI, Return of the Legions(RoTL) and Liberty , as well as Sceptre of Fire
I also like my campaign (Legend of Wesmere(LOW)-which is fine on 1.02 and will soon be on 1.1.17) and if you want a couple of big battles, I think it beat NR hands down. Historywise you need to play:
TROW-LOW-SoF-Liberty-HTTT-Delf's Memoirs, NR, EI-RoTL and UTBS

these give you an idea of the story of Wesnoth(and maybe a divorce if you keep playing them such hours)

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Post by Slayer »

I would say UtBS. I have never finished a campain (did I spell that right?) but UtBS seems to have the most origionality to it.
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Post by thuko »

Mi favourite campaign is the heir-to-the-throne-campaign, it's the oldest, but the best, too :wink:

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