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Re: Performance experiences with 1.13.x

Postby Pentarctagon » June 19th, 2017, 12:26 am

beetlenaut wrote:
Pentarctagon wrote:It does seem like moving beyond software rendering is something that needs to happen
Is that really true? While the game is struggling and lagging on my machine, I have three processors sitting idle. Would shifting map animations into a separate thread be harder than using accelerated rendering? Any computer bought in the last seven or eight years would see a significant speed-up, and older computers than that would still work.

I say that in part because:
a) Wesnoth seems to have hit something of a performance ceiling during the 1.13 cycle.
b) Very few games these days lack hardware accelerated rendering, and are able to handle a lot more complex sorts of rendering than what Wesnoth currently does.

Whether or not the software rendering approach Wesnoth uses currently can be improved to fix the current performance issues, it then seems like further improvements to anything that could impact rendering time/fps would just get more and more difficult to make. I can't really say whether or not multi-threading would be possible or harder, but in Elvish_Hunter's case at least that probably wouldn't really help, since his CPU has only 2 cores and no hyperthreading.

Elvish_Hunter wrote:
Pentarctagon wrote:Or in this case, perhaps just shipping you better hardware.
Thanks for the offer, I'll keep that in mind should I need it. However, right now I can afford a new system (although the only problem with mine is that I had to lower the optimization level to -O1 while compiling), I'm just unsure about the specifications to choose. Then again, I usually install Linux on dedicated second-hand machines, instead of dual booting... :P

To clarify, I wasn't offering to actually do that myself - I was just proposing it as a possible idea for the Board (vultraz, Doofus-01, Jetrel, Dave) to consider. They'd be the ones who'd need to make a decision on that, and if people would actually be interested in that kind of arrangement, it'd probably be best to poke them on Discord or IRC about it to get their attention. It would also probably depend on how much money the iOS port brings in, but I have no actual knowledge of Wesnoth's finances.
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Re: Performance experiences with 1.13.x

Postby Coffee » June 19th, 2017, 10:55 am

This is an interesting discussion for me because I did some dev work in the past with animations for 1.12 (such as the new square bracket animation WML, etc.).

When Wesnoth 1.13.2 or there about came around I found that my machine could not play any map at all -- with the transition to the new SDL if I remember correctly. I stopped being an active dev around then, not all because of this as other things competed for my time as well. It's only around 1.13.5 that I could start to play a game properly and I have a beast machine (12 core 3.3GHz new processor, 8GB DD4 RAM and such).

I did notice some time back (although human memory is sometimes fallible) that some of the code had changed regarding animation cycles and frame ticks. I had a go but couldn't get the dirty animations to not show on the front buffer. This is the drakes/horseman moving issue where 2 separate frames are shown in part on the screen at the same time from what I think are different "cycles" (so from some part of the animation loop and the corresponding next tick cycling backwards). I think this may actually be a coding bug.

Maybe some or just one of the coding changes from the new SDL port affect performance also? I don't know how to test this though and I'm not really that active as a dev any more, but I'd like to help with some minor bug fixing before 1.14 is released. Just my 2 cents.
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