1.9.1 Found bugs.

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1.9.1 Found bugs.

Post by Xudo » September 24th, 2010, 9:25 am

BfW 1.9.1

First one:
1) I Add to my custom addon next strings::
2) Open and save _main.cfg of my add-on. Close txt editor.
3) Run the game, click Multiplayer-Local Game.
After this actions game just closes without any usual windows errors.
(And I want to know what I do with lua code wrong there.)

Spam of:
"warning gui/event: Can't execute timer since it no longer exists." starts right after the Wesnoth Logo at the title screen shows. (trouble with gui-draw threading?) I tried to close place where logo will be drawed with other window and number of such errors decreases to 1-5. Also I tried to do nothing and number of strings always equals to 25-32.

And I'v got conditions when in stderr.txt shows "20100924 16:09:41 warning gui/event: Unhandled event 17."
To see it:
1) Run game.
2) Wait until Logo be completely drawn.
3) Open any other window. #Here are bug procs
4) Copy stderr.txt
5) Open copy of stderr.txt. #Here too
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Re: 1.9.1 Founded bugs.

Post by Anonymissimus » September 24th, 2010, 11:41 am

The wesnoth gui engine is being ported to new code in the engine (which you rely upon when using the lua dialog functionalities). That new engine code (gui2) is very unstable, resulting in more or less all of the problems mentioned by you (I guess).

Your lua dialog code contains some mistake probably which you should get a stack traceback for but instead the engine crashes, this happens to me too...
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Re: 1.9.1 Founded bugs.

Post by pauxlo » September 24th, 2010, 12:55 pm

About your lua-tag: The code should not be directly in the tag, but inside of

Code: Select all

code = << ... (here comes the code) ... >>
grammar nitpick:

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