Wesnoth Lua Pack: Development Thread

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Re: Wesnoth Lua Pack: Development Thread

Post by Celtic_Minstrel »

Glancing over the WLP on GitHub, I notice that some of the things it implements are now in mainline, while others perhaps could be migrated to mainline… there are certainly things that probably don't need to be migrated to mainline as well, though.
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Re: Wesnoth Lua Pack: Development Thread

Post by Elvish_Hunter »

When you wrote on IRC about that, I answered you through Discord; however, because in that moment your client wasn't in the channel, you never saw my answer :(
This is the conversation as it was supposed to happen:

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02:12:29 <celticminstrel> Elvish_Hunter: Looking at WLP, I notice that most of the Lua utils seem to be redundant now?
02:13:08 <celticminstrel> Also redundant are [alert] and [confirm].
02:13:30 <celticminstrel> [choice_box] might be, I can't quite remember.
02:13:38 <celticminstrel> (Assuming it does what it sounds like.)
02:14:09 <celticminstrel> (Tags being redundant means they can be roughly a one-liner.)
02:19:41 <celticminstrel> I think most of the math/variable tags would do better merged to mainline…
02:20:04 <celticminstrel> (As part of [set_variable] or maybe [set_variables], though I think none fit the latter.)
02:25:10 <celticminstrel> I think it's totally worth it to add gui.prompt() as a standard dialog in Wesnoth. Maybe I could steal the definition from WLP?
09:31:30 <+wesdiscordbot> <Elvish_Hunter> celticminstrel: about [choice_box], you can read its documentation here: https://github.com/Elvish-Hunter/Wesnoth_Lua_Pack/blob/master/docs/InterfaceActionsWML.md
09:33:03 <+wesdiscordbot> <Elvish_Hunter> The math tags and [prompt] can be added to mainline, if you want.
09:42:10 <+wesdiscordbot> <Elvish_Hunter> Once you decide what code or tags should be moved to mainline, please notify me in some way, so I can remove the obsolete stuff from the WLP.
09:45:25 <+wesdiscordbot> <Elvish_Hunter> BTW, can you put in https://wiki.wesnoth.org/LuaAPI a list of all the functions that have been renamed or moved into a module and the corresponding new name?
09:46:41 <+wesdiscordbot> <Elvish_Hunter> It'd make updating UMC Lua code easier, even if someone doesn't read the changelog.
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