Scenario Review: SotBE 16 - Coward

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Re: Scenario Review: SotBE 16 - Coward

Post by sine_nomine » May 3rd, 2016, 1:01 pm

(1) What difficulty level and version of Wesnoth have you played the scenario on?
Nightmare 1.12.4

(2) How difficult did you find the scenario? (1-10)
200 starting gold (minimum)

(3) How clear did you find the scenario objectives?

(4) How clear and interesting did you find the dialog and storyline of the scenario?
"Hey Chief, it's pretty odd. Shan Taum doesn't seem to have too many of his men around."
Are you kidding me?

(5) What were your major challenges in meeting the objectives of the scenario?
Lot of enemies, not so much gold. Fortunately you have terrain and healing on your side. The time limit can also be an issue as you can't really sit back in your castle until you've dealt with the nearby enemies or the enemy will refuse to attack and you won't finish in time.
Ogres are really annoying to deal with, especially when the enemy has so many.

(6) How fun do you think the scenario is? (1-10)

(7) What, if any, are changes you would have made to the scenario to make it more fun?
I'm almost tempted to complain about gold, but it's my fault for going in with no gold carryover.
I don't think the southwest leader needs bodyguards. That would prevent you from securing villages and would prevent assassination, but since you need to kill all three leaders to end the chapter I think it's good to have assassination as an option.
I'm not sure if it would be better or worse to change the turn order so the strong enemy acts last.

(8) Was there any event that caused you to lose the game and forced you to reload or restart the scenario?
Several restarts, a couple times because my defenses couldn't hold out (above average damage taken), once due to time limit, and twice because my luck was TOO good (I had something like -15% damage taken).
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