Scenario Review: (UTBS) 3. A Stirring in the Night

Feedback for the mainline campaign Under the Burning Suns.

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Re: Scenario Review: (UTBS) 3. A Stirring in the Night

Post by nuorc » March 1st, 2015, 2:22 pm

Ah, ok. I didn't get that each village is counted seperately. Zhul's line doesn't have any effect anyway (so it could be left out ).
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Re: Scenario Review: (UTBS) 3. A Stirring in the Night

Post by nikita1996 » August 16th, 2015, 2:46 pm

1) v1.12.4 difficulty: Desert Sentinel (Challenging)
2) Yeah. It's adequate. This scenario is more difficult than the last two. I lost 4 villages totally during the war.
3) I reloaded once. When I was fighting with the corrupted elf, my arch mage died in the first time. It's a great pity! So, I reloaded. The corrupted elf is so strong in both melee and ranged attack. He is enough to kill anyone of mine.
4) The problem of this story is, the player don't know that they will keep fighting after 12 turns. I thought the scenario would finish in the 12th turn. So I didn't get enough ready to fight with the corrupted elf. Players should be noticed of the next war in the beginning.
5) It's fun and challenging.
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Re: Scenario Review: (UTBS) 3. A Stirring in the Night

Post by Inky » February 26th, 2016, 4:37 am

1) Level, version, gold? 1.12.5 nightmare, 269 starting gold
2) Adequately difficult? 9/10. Yes, it's really hard, maybe because I recruited a lot last scenario and didn't have much starting gold.
3) Reloads? No restarts/reloads
4) Dialog? I thought Garak's berserk weapon special was kind of confusing - wasn't clear that the berserk only worked on specific undead units.
5) Fun? Very tense battle to see if I could kill the undead leaders before the orcs swarmed my western villages.

Recruited 2 keeps of units including some fodder hunters (they all died), split into two groups and rushed both undead leaders at once. I managed to finish off the undead leaders on turn 10 (barely, and with some luck) just as the orc situation in the west was getting out of control. I think I lost 4 villages total.
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Re: Scenario Review: (UTBS) 3. A Stirring in the Night

Post by UnwiseOwl » April 6th, 2017, 11:34 am

1) Version? 1.13.7, Challenging (new elves)

2) Adequately difficult? Started with 540 gold, due to the cascade from the first scenario. I think this one is set about right goldwise, though.
What IS too easy are the champions. By the time Garak's challenge came out in turn two, one of my units stationed in the village had almost killed one of the heroes already. I think given that the player probably has a number of higher-level units by now the heroes could afford to be level 3 units, or at least buffed with extra hp or something.

3) Reloads? None.

4) Dialog?
I think the 'Wounded' scout should probably be wounded. When he appears he has full HP and that's weird.
Death Knight dialogue on the death of the Lich sounded like he was about to spawn a wave of enemies thanks to an influx of gold but he let me down. Sad :(
Kaleh says it will be as bad if the orcs reached the tents as if the undead did, which is not true since their bodies won't be desecrated to create zombies. Maybe he could say 'almost'?
The way that they're all so okay with Garak's death when you kill the undead is a bit cold. Especially Kaleh. He could show a little more heart, I think.

5) Fun?
I think the three way battle is well-spaced and requiring the player to get involved to defend their camps is a nice conceit. The orcs arrive at just about the right time to pose a good puzzle, too.
The experienced UD recruits are good fun, but either I got very unlucky or they are set to get a LITTLE too much XP. Many units were 3/4 xp away from upgrades on spawn, which decreased the tactical challenge somewhat. I like the mechanic, but I wonder if there could be a little more variance in XP given to create a little variety.
It'd be nice if the campfires were impassible. But it's just nice to see them used. I've got quite an attachment to that particular sprite.
Garak is displayed as having magical and beserk attacks, even though those attacks only exist against the undead champions. This is...pretty misleading. I think it's possible to set weapon specials to not appear generally and this is an opportunity to do that.
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Re: Scenario Review: (UTBS) 3. A Stirring in the Night

Post by Thrash » March 14th, 2018, 2:24 am

1) What version and difficulty level did you play the scenario on? Please do not submit feedback from pre 1.4.

1.12.6, Challenging.

2) Do you think the difficulty is adequate to the level? If not describe the issue that made the scenario to easy/hard.

It gave me fits until I figured out the right tactics of when to be aggressive and when to be defensive. I probably lost 3 or 4 times before I won, but that win was frustrating because the orc leader dropped what I learned later was a map but I have no unit to get to it so missed out, so I replayed one more time winning nicely (attached replay).

3) Was there any event that caused you to almost instantly loose, or made the scenario unplayable without reload?

you'll need to have good luck
At first I was being too aggressive and got units killed. Then a couple of times key units got slaughtered after the RPG didn't go my way, the undead couldn't miss and cut through my lines like butter. You have to be very conservative and, as the wiki says, still fairly lucky.

4) Do you like the storyline and the dialogues? If not what part/character lags behind or what would you like changed?


5) Do you think the scenario was fun? Please write down some thoughts about gameplay, mood etc.

Yes, this was a fun challenge, though the amount of luck stops me short from really loving it.

The undead arriving nearly leveled is brilliant. It also means you have lots of situations when you are in a feast or famine situation - if you hit the undead it dies, if you miss it levels. This really amplifies the luck and can quickly turn the tide one way or the other.

Key to winning (besides luck) was figuring out you need to level the undead armies meet each other on the Eastern part of the map and kill some of each other.

Let the player keep the scout that brings news of the orcs. The first time I played I didn't realized they would be arriving so quickly and the scout would have bought me a critical turn in sacrifice.

The orcs arriving and Kaleh having to run back to defend is a neat twist, but after the first time it seemed like Kaleh didn't had time to do anything meaningful against the undead and still make it back in time to recruit and defend the keep, so he just ended up hanging out there. Since I had him pick up the holy water in the previous scenario this was just too painful so I admit I went back to the last couple turns of that scenario and had someone else pick up the holy water. Assuming I won't regret this it might make sense to clue the player that someone besies Kaleh should get the holy water.

I don't know if this is a bug, but several times nearly recruited undead in the Northern keep would instantly level right after their arrival - no combat or anything, just appeared and leveled.
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