Scenario Review: (UTBS) 12. The Final Confrontation

Feedback for the mainline campaign Under the Burning Suns.

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Re: Scenario Review: (UTBS) 12. The Final Confrontation

Post by nikita1996 » August 16th, 2015, 4:49 pm

1) v1.12.4 difficulty: Desert Sentinel (Challenging)
2) If you know which unit to kill, it will be very easy; but if not, it can be so hard. A player may not know that the three unmovable monsters should be killed first. This is a problem.
3) No.
4) Yes.
5) Not so fun because it's not difficult enough for me. I knew which to kill in the beginning.
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Re: Scenario Review: (UTBS) 12. The Final Confrontation

Post by Inky » February 26th, 2016, 5:07 am

1) Level, version, gold? 1.12.5 nightmare (gold irrelevant)
2) Adequately difficult? 3/10, finished on turn 3 (!).
3) Reloads? No restarts/reloads. And no saveloading throughout the campaign, through this campaign almost seems designed to make you do it.
4) Dialog? -
5) Fun? Well, there's not much to it.
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General comments on the campaign:

I know UTBS will be redone, though I'm not sure if it's just the units/artwork or if the scenarios are going to be redesigned. There were several scenario design issues that bothered me the most, so I hope whoever is doing the remake would consider changing these.

-S 4 (Descending into darkness): If you send a unit west at the beginning you'll trigger a nasty ambush which is very likely to kill that unit. It ends up being pointless, as the majority of players just restart and don't send anyone west next time.

-S 5 (A subterranean struggle): If you scout ahead with Zhul and trigger the appearance of the dwarves and trolls while Kaleh is still several turns from the keep, you'll most likely lose as the dwarves/trolls will have completely surrounded the keep by the time you get there.

-S 8 (Out of the frying pan): Again if you scout ahead too early in the valley, you will almost certainly not be able to advance fast enough to intercept the messenger, which makes you lose. This is especially frustrating as it happens after you already spent 30+ turns getting out of the cave.

Despite these incidents I found UTBS to be one of the most fun campaigns in mainline. I especially loved the epic battle for Zochthanol isle. I also loved the awesome prowler unit, and as much as I'm looking forward to seeing the remake, I am sure going to miss them...

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Re: Scenario Review: (UTBS) 12. The Final Confrontation

Post by UnwiseOwl » April 6th, 2017, 11:43 am

1) Version? 1.13.7, Challenging (new elves)

2) Adequately difficult? A bit of a let-down after the level of the rest of the campaign, maybe a little easy, but I suppose I got lucky with Grog hitting all his shots.

3) Reloads? No.

4) Dialog? Fine.

5) Fun? New enemies and strange win conditions are always fun.
Thanks for the campaign, it's been a long time since I last visited it and I found it a real joy, when last time I played it through I really wasn't a fan. The work done on this one has really brought it's level up.
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Re: Scenario Review: (UTBS) 12. The Final Confrontation

Post by 613TheEvil » December 28th, 2017, 10:04 pm

Huge thanks from me to whomever worked on this wonderful campaign.

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Re: Scenario Review: (UTBS) 12. The Final Confrontation

Post by Thrash » March 26th, 2018, 12:42 am

1) What version and difficulty level did you play the scenario on? Please do not submit feedback from pre 1.4.

1.12.6, Challenging (medium)

2) Do you think the difficulty is adequate to the level? If not describe the issue that made the scenario to easy/hard.

Seemed easier than average for the campaign. The only hitch was figuring out that I wasn't going to get ahead of the spawning whatevers and kill the three stationary things.

3) Was there any event that caused you to almost instantly loose, or made the scenario unplayable without reload?


4) Do you like the storyline and the dialogues? If not what part/character lags behind or what would you like changed?


5) Do you think the scenario was fun? Please write down some thoughts about gameplay, mood etc.

Nice interesting twist. My only complaint is that one hero that arrived was a merman. Not the most useful nor fitting the storyline I think.

6) Made up question: what did you think of the campaign?

One of my favorites with lots of interesting challenges.

I agree with Inky about the issues they point out.
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