Compiling ancient wesnoth versions on debian (lenny)

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Compiling ancient wesnoth versions on debian (lenny)

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I had some weird kind of fun :geek: compiling old versions of wesnoth on debian. Since I am not the first to consider such a plan, I am sharing my progress on this. The whole thread is worth checking for those interested. It gives basically the full range of possibilities:
  • run old win binaries on windows (I tried, it works)
  • run old win binaries on GNU/linux (through wine, didn't try)
  • run old linux binaries on old debian (using virtual machine)
  • compile old source on old debian
  • compile old source on new debian (I wouldn't try that!)
As I targeted ancient versions of wesnoth (compilation from source, of course) I settled for debian 5.0.10 on virtualbox. That good old Lenny was worth my trust as I was able to compile from BFW 1.6.5 down to 0.8.10 without much hacking needed to the compilation chain. I am pretty sure it is possible to go further down as in those times the releases were basically monthly updates.

My advice for anyone else who want to try such a journey are:
  • go backwards from later version (error messages may be clearer in later versions)
  • trust the code, only change the compilation
  • in case of failure, check the diff against the next version you compiled before
  • be bold and bolder as you go
I might give version by version walk-through if anyone is interested :whistle:
Now, if you excuse me, I need to go find some replays.
/me staring at the battlefield after the win ;)
/me staring at the battlefield after the win ;)
"simply put, it's an old game"T — Cackfiend
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