Wesnoth 1.13.8 (1.14 Beta 1)

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Re: Wesnoth 1.13.8 (1.14 Beta 1)

Post by Yutmeal2 »

Hi. I don't know if anyone has mentioned this before.
I have just downloaded and compiled 1.13.8 for the first time.
And I try it:
  1. Run Wesnoth.
  2. Click multiplayer button.
  3. Click on the text area for username and a tool tip appears.
  4. The tool tip blocks the whole text area and I can't see what I type...
Of course, if I move the cursor away, the tool tip disappear. But I don't like to do that.

I would prefer to have the top left corner of the tool tip to be at the location of the cursor.
Or maybe at a bit right and below of the cursor, so that the cursor's icon won't block the text of the tool tip.

And the same behavior whenever I move the cursor to one of the options (join official server, connect to server, etc).
The problem is that when the cursor hovers on the 2nd option (connect to server), the tool tip blocks the 1st option (
join official server), even if I put the cursor at the right side of the button. (That was my 1st reaction. I expected the
tool tip to follow the cursor.)

Another minor thing is that the tool tip says "...The Battle for Wesnoth forum can be found at <url>."
But I can't click that yellow url with underline.

The i button at bottom left corner of wesnoth's window is nice.
After I log into the multiplayer lobby, I click through create game buttons.
  1. I see 1 >> {dice icon} and the description of the choices I made for the side.
    Those description seems clear.
  2. I click the big dice icon. No reaction...
    Maybe someone will click "gender: {dice with 5 dots} or "faction: random" first.
    But my first reaction is to click the big icon.
  3. Then I click the blue >> icon.
  4. After that, I choose drake. But that big dice icon didn't change to a drake icon...
    I get it now, that big dice icon would show the leader instead of the faction. hmm.
Bob the mighty mention a custom option (and someone else suggest naming it preset).

How about calling that "scenario's default", if that is supposed to follow the scenario's default choice of faction?
Or just make the scenario's default the default choice, and remove the button for "scenarios's default"
Like, if the scenario's default is elf, make the faction elf before the user choose anything.

I like the glowy blue down arrows and the colored bullet icons for team color. They look really nice.
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Re: Wesnoth 1.13.8 (1.14 Beta 1)

Post by Celtic_Minstrel »

Yutmeal2 wrote:Another minor thing is that the tool tip says "...The Battle for Wesnoth forum can be found at <url>."
But I can't click that yellow url with underline.
If I understand correctly (which I likely don't), there may be a "helptip" keyboard shortcut which would allow clicking the URL... if not though, I guess we should avoid putting URLs in tooltips.
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