Compiling on Android

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Compiling on Android

Post by Ballador »

hi, I'd like to know how can I compile the source files on Android, I downloaded the SDK's from google. I have a Sony Xperia Z, and it's really fun to play on it, and I can't carry my 8.8 pound (4 Kg) 18.4" laptop around all the time. I'd publish it on the google play store and keep it updated if it's allowed by the project's owners. I know some basic C and C#
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Re: Compiling on Android

Post by aquileia »

  1. Disclaimer: I never tried Wesnoth on Android, take my answer with a grain of salt.
  2. The forum search should be employed before posting - didn't you notice the huge thread about android versions?
The most up-to-date sources for Android are here:
The compilation is described in the same thread:

A precompiled version by alep, who created the aforementioned port: ... ra.wesnoth
alep wrote:The price [is] just for covering the porting effort which took several days for debugging
Note that since then he invested even more time to improve the UI.

I suppose alep would be happy to have some help with improving the port, you could ask him in the "Android support thread" I linked to before.

I guess that - as he already published it on the play store - publishing it again could be considered as rude.
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