Wesnoth Meego and Puppy, any help ?

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Wesnoth Meego and Puppy, any help ?

Post by Yomar »

Anyone can tell me if its possible to compile Wesnoth for Meego (Linux derived operating system), I mean would it be an easy thing ?
If someone can help me it would be nice, I never compiled anything, so a step by step guide to compile it for Meego and also Puppy (Small linux Operating system) would be great.
Thanks for any help.


Sorry If I repeat this post, but the first time I wrote it in the wrong section.

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Re: Wesnoth Meego and Puppy, any help ?

Post by artisticdude »

Yomar wrote:Sorry If I repeat this post, but the first time I wrote it in the wrong section.
No problem, I removed the other post for you. :) For future reference, unless someone else has posted after you in the same thread, you can delete your posts yourself (the exact placement of the 'delete' button may vary depending on the forum theme you're using; for me it's in the lower-right corner).

With regard to your question: I don't know anything about MeeGo, but from a quick google it appears to be primarily targeted at mobile and embedded devices. If you have/can install a C++ compiler on MeeGo (given that it appears to be a Linux derivative, I would think gcc might possibly work here, but again I know nothing about MeeGo), the next logical step would be building the dependency libraries and making sure they work correctly on your system (I'm pretty sure SDL doesn't officially support MeeGo, but again you might have some leeway there given that you're working with a Linux derivative). If you manage to get that far, you could then theoretically compile Wesnoth. However, even assuming you manage to successfully compile Wesnoth on your system (which honestly seems like a long shot, to me), there's no guarantee that the build would work very well, or even work at all, given that you'd probably be running the game on a very low-spec device. It would probably take some aggressive optimizing.

Honestly though, if you've never compiled anything in your life before, then I'm afraid tackling a project like this would be far too difficult for you to handle. It can be difficult enough to build Wesnoth on one of the "Big Three" desktop OS's (Linux, OS X, and Windows), and I imagine it would be even more so on an obscure OS like MeeGo. If you're serious about trying this anyway, I'd suggest first learning how to compile Wesnoth from scratch (i.e., not using any of the provided project files or pre-compiled dependency packages) on one of the aforementioned desktop OS's. If you can do that successfully, your chances at getting Wesnoth to at least compile (although not necessarily run) on MeeGo would be somewhat higher. And even if it doesn't work, you'll have learned something about compiling, so win-win. :)
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