Wesnoth 1.6 Release Notes

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Wesnoth 1.6 Release Notes

Post by Viliam »

The "Release Notes" pages from the previous versions are gone. :-(
Fortunately, these two were archived by the Wayback Machine. Would someone please put them back?

This one seems gone forever. Or does anyone have a copy? Perhaps the localization files are saved somewhere.

Now it is probably time to prepare Release Notes for version 1.6. It basicly means selecting the most important things since 1.4.x from "changelog" and "players changelog".

New map editor: multiple maps.
Full map screenshot feature.
Improved recall dialog: traits displayed in column, search textbox.
Multiplayer observers can pause game.
Improved pathfinding algorithm.
Improved WML: ${...} formulas, new tags and attributes.
Bug fixes, balancing, etc.

New multiplayer map: 4p Underworld.
Campaigns and multiplayer maps updated.
New units: Dread Bat, Royal Warrior.
New terrain: cave path.

Many new portraits.
New or updated unit graphics and animations.
New attack icons: spiked mace.
New terrains: summer, fall and winter deciduous forest terrains.

New music: "Heroes Rite", "The Dangerous Symphony", "The Deep Path".

New translations: Arabic, Croatian, Friulian, Latvian, Macedonian, Marathi.
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Re: Wesnoth 1.6 Release Notes

Post by Kess »

Viliam wrote:This one seems gone forever. Or does anyone have a copy? Perhaps the localization files are saved somewhere.
The Wayback Machine often mentions that material younger than six months (give or take a few months) will not be available directly. Found this:
archive.org FAQ wrote:Why are there no recent archives in the Wayback Machine?

It generally takes 6 months or more for pages to appear in the Wayback Machine after they are collected, because of delays in transferring material to long-term storage and indexing.

There is no access to files before they appear in the Wayback Machine.
So, with a little patience, the 1.4 release notes will most probably be available again. In the case noonehas a local copy of it. ;)
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Re: Wesnoth 1.6 Release Notes

Post by ivanovic »

The po files of the 1.2 announcement are available here:

The po files of the 1.4 announcement are available here:

Beside this the whole 1.4 announcement stuff (at least the stuff used to generate the site) is available in the gna svn, too:

As you see, not too much is lost...
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