Wesnoth 1.4

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Wesnoth 1.4

Post by ivanovic »

Wesnoth 1.4 is out!
Thanks for your patience and now enjoy the brand new release. This time we do have real release notes that are even translated into many different languages. A lot of info is listed in there, just have a look at it. If this is not enough for you, there even is a full changelog listing all the changes since 1.2. A changelog with changes that might be visible to most users (and only includes these) is the players changelog. Though for most it is enough to just have a look at the release notes, the most important aspects are listed in there.
Some new screenshots were added to the screenshots page in the wiki.

http://downloads.sourceforge.net/wesnot ... 2?download (140.4 MB) md5sum
Here is the xDelta for the sources:
http://downloads.sourceforge.net/wesnot ... a?download (1.3.19 to 1.4, 31.3 MB)
Check http://www.wesnoth.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=7034 for info on using xdelta.

The Windows binary is already available. You can find it on the download page.

The MacOSX binary is already available. You can find it on the download page.

The OpenSolaris binary is already available. You can find it on the download page.

Many of the Linux packages have already been created. All known packagers have been contacted. Information about where to get the respective binaries or how to get them work you get on the Linux binaries site for the Linux binaries. Download links for the other supported systems will be listed at the downloads page once the binaries are available.

As a fallback you can also get the sources from http://files.wesnoth.org/ - you should first try to get files through SourceForge to help us save bandwidth.

The multiplayer server for 1.4 is already up and running. This server can be used to play with 1.3.18, 1.3.19, 1.4 as well as all upcoming 1.4.x releases. If you do encounter problems, please report them.

By now the add-on server already offers much content that should be completely compatible with 1.3.18, 1.3.19, 1.4 as well as all upcoming 1.4.x releases. If you encounter any problems with content from the add-on server not working as expected, please notice the content's author, most of them should be here in the forums.

If you find any bugs don't hesitate to report them, but please read the instructions on how to post bugs first. Instructions for bug reporting can be found at http://www.wesnoth.org/wiki/ReportingBugs.


PS: Bugreports in the forums tend to get forgotten. So better follow the guidelines and report them in the bugtracker.
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Re: Wesnoth 1.4

Post by Woodwizzle »

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Re: Wesnoth 1.4

Post by wsultzbach »

Yeah, 1.4! :D
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Re: Wesnoth 1.4

Post by ekolis »

Woot! :D
I like the forum upgrade too!
Now why does the release announcement on the main page think it's 2006? :P
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Re: Wesnoth 1.4

Post by Mithridates »

I had an error when trying to install. It said there was a corrupt music file (it was a .ogg) so i ignored it. This happened again. and again. So I kept on ignoring it but it seems that there are no good music files at all.... :( They all seem to be generating errors. I will attach a screenshot of the first error.
This is trying to install the version 1.4 on windows XP.
Actually, this seems to affect all the sound files. I don't think I'm going to continue the installation if this keeps up.

I will try a new install and then redownloading the installer.

wesnoth install error 1.JPG
wesnoth install error 1.JPG (44.48 KiB) Viewed 9871 times
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Re: Wesnoth 1.4

Post by Pugget »

Wow - I'd like to offer my thanks to all the devs, all the artists, and all the contributers. Wesnoth has matured and expanded while keeping to it's core principle of KISS, making for an ever improving game. Cheers, and here's to 1.4!
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Re: Wesnoth 1.4

Post by Mithridates »

It's ok, I downloaded a new installer and everything works now.
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Re: Wesnoth 1.4

Post by Flamedude »

That's awesome! Man it's come a long way from 0.8.x. :D

Congratulations to everybody who ever contributed to BfW! :)
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Re: Wesnoth 1.4

Post by Red_Wraith »

Great work! 1.4 is awesome. The best free game around becomes better and better with every new release :)
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Re: Wesnoth 1.4

Post by roushi-kun »

congratulations guys for the 1.4! and i K.I.S.S. you!
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Re: Wesnoth 1.4

Post by kesnar »

Hell yeah, Finally 1.4 is out with full Greek-units translations.Good work guys keep it up.
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Re: Wesnoth 1.4

Post by Chris NS »

But I haven't ported my campaign yet. Damn.
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Re: Wesnoth 1.4

Post by Sapient »

Just so everyone is aware, if you haven't ported your campaign/maps from 1.2 to 1.4 there is good news. ESR wrote a Maintenance Tool called "wmllint" that automates most of the conversion. See the wiki page for more details.
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Re: Wesnoth 1.4

Post by MadOssor »

So many thanks to all the developers, translators and artists to get 1.4 out of the door. A great release once again proving the high quality of this game.
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Re: Wesnoth 1.4

Post by Gena »

:( :( :( :( i have a bit of trouble i have linux fedora 8 and i tried to download this 1.4 version of the net but i cant install it which is a bit obvious as im a kid but its not in Yum extnder (a program to download stuff strait to your computer) where i originally got my 1.2.8 version from and i cant find it in software updeter either my dad says it will be out on updater soon but i cant wait that long what should i do?
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