The Rise of Wesnoth 4b - The Midlands

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Re: The Rise of Wesnoth: The Midlands

Post by Aldarisvet » July 9th, 2018, 8:55 pm

Here are replays of an unthinkable thing - passing The Rise of Wesnoth campaign on hardest difficulty recruiting only Mages.
The game version is 1.12.6

I thought that this scenario would be easy given I got many advancements in the previous scenario but not! Had to play with creativity. Was not even able to kill the eastern orcish leader with the first attack, had to pull my units back to help the center.


turns 23/39
inflicted -1%
taken -4%
losses 2
kills 67
advancements 7

start gold 276
(9.08 KiB) Downloaded 97 times - everyday something new about Wesnoth
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