[connection issue] - www.wesnoth.org

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[connection issue] - www.wesnoth.org

Post by ghype »

Hello fellows. reporting an issue I have had since a long time, but didn't came around to report it as I had workarounds.

The main issues is that I cannot connect to either web www.wesnoth.org or anything related to wesnoth.org.
It gives me ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED on chrome.
Further more, in-game I can join the official server, but not the add-on server. And it is just my mac book that doesn't connect. I have several other devises on the same connection and they have no trouble connection.
Another thing is that it doesn't work on any routher or connection.

So I can exclude that the issue comes from router/internet connection and assume that the problem comes from my macbook, my ip adresse or my browser. I tried to turn of my firevall and all the security settings on google and it didn't change it.

My workaround however was to use Tor Browser. With a new IP adresse I no longer have had that problem. It still doesn't fixes the issue with accesing the add-on server and I wouldn't call this a long time solution.

Any ideas for what reason it might be like that?
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