Heroes not defined with hero-ellipse in "The Rise Of Wesnoth"

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Heroes not defined with hero-ellipse in "The Rise Of Wesnoth"

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I noticed that in "The Rise Of Wesnoth", specials heroes having the silver crown don't have the "hero ellipse", like in all others campaigns (using {IS_HERO} macro)

Outside of the visual effect, it can impacts mods using the unit ellipse to apply special treatments (or excluding them from).

I don't know if it's something missing on purpose, or just a forgotten thing ? I can purpose a Pull Request if the maintainer(s) of this campaign want.

Other weird thing : all leader (excepts the original one, Haldric) just get removed from recall list in "15: A New Land", start, and I didn't find why in the code. Again, can be messy with mods.
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