Time paradox glitch

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Time paradox glitch

Post by MiroslavRD »

Once i try to play a AI show of a positive vs negative fraction, my Wesnoth goes crazy and all the AI's keep ending their turns and they made a time paradox.
Dave, instantly fix this.
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Re: Time paradox glitch

Post by Byron »

It's not surprising that a person from Eastern Europe would be paranoid.

Also, things here, are not done instantly.
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Re: Time paradox glitch

Post by Shiki »

Could imagine people from central Asia being paranoid too.

Once i try
… so, it's reproducible? That's good!

If I understood you correctly, you have only AI sides, and they do nothing during their turn. A few things to check:
- There are a few additional AI's available in debug mode which do exactly that – nothing. Please check which AI you choose at game creation time. (or did you use :droid to cause this setup?)
- It's also possible to cause this behavior with an event. As we don't know anything about what you played, try again without add-ons.

- If there are still no clues, please post a scenario and tell us which settings to use to reproduce it. And also try if it's reproducible with the official wesnoth version, as we don't know what the people from portableapps did do.
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Re: Time paradox glitch

Post by Spixi »

I guess the AI has no gold to recruit units and refuses to move their leader, because the other leader would likely kill their leader. So they are stalling until the turn limit is reached.
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