Another MP server problem

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Another MP server problem

Post by Dragonking »

It happened to me many times in 8.11, never before
I play in game, looks normal. Tnen comes time when nothing is happening - looks like neverending lag. After 20 min I'm quitting to main menu and I'm trying to join server - nothing. I'm stuck in "connecting.." msg box. It ruined few games, so maybe can u help me what to do?
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Post by Tomsik »

i posted identical problem on topic "problem with",
i have this problem too :(, but try after 0.5 - 1 hour :x
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Post by pravin »

I haven't been able to connect in 2 weeks!!!

Somebody help me. I am running 0.8.11

I'm trying to get the cvs version now.

Everytime I press the Multiplayer button, it says Connection timed out in like 3-4 seconds :(
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Post by silene »

pravin wrote:I'm trying to get the cvs version now.
The CVS version doesn't use the same multiplayer server than the released version. And there is a good reason at that: the network protocol is different, and they are not compatible. So, by using the CVS version, you will be able to connect to a multiplayer server, but you won't find any available player on it.
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