1.13.11 switching to win7 desktop not supported

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1.13.11 switching to win7 desktop not supported

Post by SFault » March 24th, 2018, 9:33 am

For ages I've been able to run Wesnoth in full screen and then easily access to my desktop or other programs. But for 1.13.11 I cannot do it anymore. The game locks my screen and even though I can see the task bar I cannot see the desktop. This is quite an issue since when working on a campaign I need to jump between the game and my code editor. I could run the game in a window but the scrolling works much worse in that than in full screen among other things. I can solve this by applying the full screen on and off each time I need to access the source code but that is ridiculously complicated.

Is it just on my win7? Is there a better way to come around the problem? Is it possible to turn it back to what it used to be?
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Re: 1.13.11 switching to win7 desktop not supported

Post by SigurdFireDragon » March 24th, 2018, 2:38 pm

I may be noticing the same thing as you. I'm on Win 7 as well.

I find that if I use alt+tab to switch during full screen, I have to use it twice. first time, selecting the program I want to use (makes the taskbar appear), second time making a complete circuit through the open programs back to the one I want to use. That gets me to the program of choice.

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