SonOfTheBlackEye - 2 dialog errors (minor spoilers)

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SonOfTheBlackEye - 2 dialog errors (minor spoilers)

Post by revolting_peasant » March 20th, 2018, 7:59 pm

I'm playing Son of the Black Eye, with v1.13.11-dev on GNU/Linux Mint 18.3.

In "The Siege of Barag-Gor", during the final dialog, Kapou'e says he has fought the vanguard of the Human army but had to retreat. That is only the case if at the end of Scenario 1 you chose to stay, despite the (reasonable) council of, um, whoever it was that suggested you leave. I had left, and had not fought, but still I get this bit of dialog.

Also, not a bug, but it seems rather strange that members of an Orc council would be living, or even staying, in some port city; that's kind of out of character and at least requires some explanation IMHO.

In "To the Harbor of Tirigaz", the initial dialog in the actual level map says that they stopped two days into their journey. But it's way than two days' ride from Barag Gor to Tirigaz even in a direct line and on a beaten path - and they need to circumvent the forest of Thelien. Not to mention how Orcs are slower than Humans and Elves, and Trolls slower still. I'm not sure how long it should actually be, but it's definitely a good many days before the point where they stop, not two.

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