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Screen Resolution

Post by Woodruff »

I'm not sure if this is necessarily a bug, as it's possible it is on purpose.

I am using Windows 10 Home.

I just downloaded 1.13.11 and have found that if I change the screen resolution within the game preferences, I cannot have it be full-screen (it forces to a window). Full screen apparently requires that it match my video settings for Windows.

Ok, no big deal...I'll just expand the screen once I get it to the resolution I want. Unfortunately, changing the screen resolution also changes the size of the Wesnoth game screen. And if I stretch that screen out, it changes the resolution.

So as far as I can tell, there is not much use to having a screen resolution option. With my vision, I pretty much cannot play Wesnoth in this situation, as the screen resolution makes it unbearably difficult to see. Yet also because of my vision, I need my screen resolution to be set where it is for Windows for the work that I do on my computer.

Now, I'm not at all sure this was introduced in this version. Previous to this download, I was using 1.12.6, and the screen resolution worked there as you would expect.

So...was this an intentional "fix" or is it actually a bug that is either known or that I should more formally submit?

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Re: Screen Resolution

Post by jyrkive »

The recommended way to make things larger in Windows is to increase DPI scaling instead of lowering screen resolution. It works with all programs, including Wesnoth.

And yes, the inability to change screen resolution in fullscreen mode is known, and it's not really a bug. Just a... limitation of the way Wesnoth uses to implement fullscreen mode.

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Re: Screen Resolution

Post by entonio »

I'm having this problem on macOS. It used to be that Wesnoth did run full screen on a selected resolution. That's how I've always used it, and it's the only way I can stand it. OS-wide DPI change is a non-solution: for one, I already have the 'DPI' set to what I need it to be OS-wide (macOS allows setting a logical rather than physical resolution on monitor settings) and Wesnoth is still tiny; for another, Wesnoth is not a 'desktop wimp application' but a game, so it's no wonder its requirements don't fit those of the rest of the OS.
As it is, the game is unplayable for me and I'll have to find a way to revert to a previous version, as will you all as you get older.

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