Bug in Wesnoth 1.13.10

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Bug in Wesnoth 1.13.10

Post by Yomar »

Today I tried out the last developement version of BFW.
I the screen was set automatically to 1360X705 (1360X768, if in full screen), on the main screen everything was ok, but on the map selection screen I could not see all the options, they were cut on the side, setting the game to full screen doesn't help, and in full screen I can't change screen resolution.
Changing resolution don't fix the problem.

This problems happens with some languages like Italian, Spanish or Portuguese, some others like German and French work fine.
(Others like Rumenian just stay in English).

Minor Issues.
Somethime game starts with Dwarwish Steelclad facing in the wrong direction.
With all effects on, game looks not so smooth.
After map settings, leader and factions selections seems a bit unintuitive to me.

Windows 10
8 Gb Ram
2 Gb dedicated graphics card
Cpu 2,4 Ghz

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Re: Bug in Wesnoth 1.13.10

Post by Yuzir »

Yeah, I noticed because my default language was set to Italian.

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