Planning mode bug

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Planning mode bug

Post by AssassinT90 »

Hello. I have found a bug in planning mode.

When using planning mode, by attacking with two units sometimes you'll glitch all your units, being unable to move/attack with your units. A possible workaround is to remove and retake control of your side.

Operating System:
Windows 7 Ultimate, Service Pack 1.

Wesnoth Version:
Stable, 1.10.7

How to Reproduce:
- First and most important: Only reproducible online. Local games do not seem to show the bug. You can reproduce it by playing against yourself, but you need to be online.

- Have two of your units ready to attack an enemy.

1- Turn on Planning mode.
2- Prepare two attacks. Not necessarily towards the same enemy units.
3- Press the hotkey to execute the first attack (default "y"). AFTER your has striken its first blow, and BEFORE the end of the fighting, press "y" again, so your second unit attacks.
4- After the fighting is over, you will be unable to move any troops.

In the savegame below, I attacked a dark adept with my orcish grunt and my wolf rider and thus found the bug.
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