[SOLVED] Wesnoth use lot of CPU in MacOS X

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[SOLVED] Wesnoth use lot of CPU in MacOS X

Post by denix »

Hi all,

I was a bit frustrated to need to put my macbook in the ice every time I tried to play Wesnoth, version 1.10.6 and 1.11.2, all MacOSX from Leopard to Mountain Lion without distinction.
The problem was that the game was using almost 100% cpu most of the time. Doing some research I discovered that with Ubuntu the problem was solved installing newer version of the SDL library.
It appears that the same works for MacOSX! Here is how I did:
  • - Download latest SDL version 1.2 from http://www.libsdl.org/download-1.2.php
    - Follow the instruction and install under /Library/Frameworks
    - Open your terminal and do some code:

    Code: Select all

    cd /Applications/Wesnoth.app/Contents/Frameworks
    rm -rf SDL.framework/
    cp -r /Library/Frameworks/SDL.framework .
    - Enjoy your Wesnoth ;)
It would be great if devels keep this into account doing next release!


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Re: [SOLVED] Wesnoth use lot of CPU in MacOS X

Post by Crow_T »

Thanks for the fix, my secondary machine appreciates it ;)

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