1.7.6 Bugs (a few of them!)

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1.7.6 Bugs (a few of them!)

Post by Lucid »

Ok, I'm new to this forum; so Hey everyone great work on this game so far. Its a gem.

Part of the screen that isn't refreshing properly.

A) The area below the land type in the top right has garbage left in it after browsing multiple titles. The garbage accumulates when the terrain label goes for more than one line.

B) Some characters have 'loyal' in their description when they are infact not loyal. This happens when a unit is clicked on that is loyal, then a unit that is not loyal is clicked on. The second unit will appear to be loyal but is not. This can be very confusing when trying to figure out which units are loyal at the beginning of a scenario.

Picture of these bugs attached.

Clicking too quickly after a game is loaded causes my mouse to not respond properly. For example, I load a game and should i be clicking when the game is done loading, then I will be able to select units and move my mouse around on screen but I will become unable to execute any commands.

Now this may just be my computer so someone else will need to verify this, but:
When i use the alt key 'alt tab' for example. When i come back to wesnoth, my wesnoth thinks that the alt key is still held down. To fix the problem I have to hit alt again. This is not an alt tab issue. Infact hitting the alt key acts more like a toggle than anything. (I have a new brand new computer and im 95% sure my alt key isnt getting stuck.)

Let me know what you guys think about these. Great work Devs

*Edit* And i forgot:
Windows Vista x86
Wesnoth 1.7.6
Wesnoth Bug1.jpg

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Re: 1.7.6 Bugs (a few of them!)

Post by ozean »

I think I have encountered bug #2 too (1.7.6 on a Mac in 10.6.1).

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Re: 1.7.6 Bugs (a few of them!)

Post by rykus »

I've experienced #2 as well, but I'm not sure if the speed of clicking has anything to do with it. It seems to happen after a few loading a few times.

When it happens, I am able to select a unit, but it functions the same as when clicking on an enemy unit (I can see where they can move, move the mouse to see the path, how many turns, and defensive %).

The right-click menu is also more limited. Almost as if I loaded the game as some kind of observer, rather than a player.

I'm also using Vista. Hope this helps. I can dig up more info if needed.

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Re: 1.7.6 Bugs (a few of them!)

Post by Soliton »

#1 and #2 should be fixed in the next version. #3 is probably difficult to track down...
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Re: 1.7.6 Bugs (a few of them!)

Post by energyman76c »

I still see it '2' in 1.7.7. In 1.7.6 it was bad. In 1.7.7 it is back.

Sometimes, nothing reacts on mouse klicks. No menu button, no unit, nothing.

Just going away (minimzing the window) and waiting for some seconds 'resolv' this. But it is just a workaround.

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Re: 1.7.6 Bugs (a few of them!)

Post by ozean »

Soliton’s reported that the bug for #2 is fixed a bit more than a week after 1.7.7 was released, so my guess (since I also still see the bug in 1.7.7) is that he meant that it is fixed for 1.7.8 :)

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